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Conference : War and Peace : Representations and Symbols in the Arab World

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" War and Peace : Representations and Symbols in the Arab World
التصور والرمز للحرب والسلم في العالم العربي

The conference will be held on March 14 - 16, 2018 at Grenoble Alpes University (Saint Martin d’Hères, France).

This interdisciplinary conference will investigate, in the longue durée, verbal and visual practices and representations connected with the concepts of war (ḥarb) and peace (silm) as perceived from and in the Arab world. On the assumption that the Humanities and Social Sciences are complementary, insofar as texts such as works of fiction give conscious or unconscious accounts of reality, the conference will provide a forum for scholars of literature, linguistics, history, Islamic studies, sociology, anthropology, political science and media studies to pool their problematisations of the representation and conduct of war and peace, of domestic or regional conflict, the social, political and economic consequences thereof, and of non-conflictual interstate relations.