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Workshop - Arabic Manuscripts

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Workshop : Arabic Manuscripts

Cairo, IFAO, December, 11-13, 2017

Organized by Dr Élise Franssen (Univ. of Liege), Dr. Mathieu Eychenne (OIB) and Dr Abbès Zouache (CEFAS & CIHAM)

The first research vector of the program "War in the Medieval Near East (11th-16th C.) : Transmission of Knowledge, Social Practices and Sensitive Approach", aims at giving researchers access to – and studying – an unpublished documentation. It combines training, editing and analysing furūsiyya manuscripts whose dissemination is still poorly known.
In this program, manuscripts are considered as fully historical sources whose study should allow a better knowledge of the environment in which they were written, made and disseminated. Researchers aim at using all the information supplied by the artefacts and the documental notes that they contain. It is in this context that the first workshop "Arabic Manuscripts as historical sources" is organized in IFAO ; it will be followed, in 2018 and 2019, by two more specialized workshops focusing on the completion of a database and the edition of manuscripts.

This workshop aims at providing the participants with the basic codicological knowledge and at giving them the necessary operational autonomy required by their daily research. A practical approach has been privileged by the organizers : courses mixing presentation and exercises ; specific hand-on sessions based on the original manuscripts preserved in IFAO.

Courses will be taught in English by Dr Élise Franssen (Univ. of Liège) and Dr Abbès Zouache (CEFAS). The works of the participants will be supervised Dr Élise Franssen, Dr Mathieu Eychenne and Dr. Abbès Zouache.