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51st Seminar for Arabian Studies
British Museum

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Friday 4th to Sunday 6th August 2017
BP Lecture Theatre, Clore Centre, British Museum


FRIDAY 4th August

9:00 Registration (Clore Centre Foyer)

9.20 Welcome

Session 1 : Pre-Islamic Arabia

Chair :
9:30 Guillaume Charloux, et al. : Living in Madain Salih-Hegra during Antiquity. Results from the Excavations of Area 1 in the Ancient City
9:55 Karol Juchniewicz : From Traders to Dwellers ? Settlement pattern in pre-Islamic Aynuna
10:20 Luna Watkins : Understanding urban space. The oasis of Tayma during the Nabataean, Roman and Late Antique Periods
10:45 Jérôme Rohmer & A. Al-Jallad : The Thaj Archaeological Project : results of the first field season (2016)

11.10–11:35 Tea / coffee (Clore Centre Foyer)

Session 1 continued : Pre-Islamic Arabia

Chair :
11:35 Romolo Loreto : 2009-2016 excavation seasons in the historical core of Dūmat al-Jandal, ancient Adummatu
12:00 George Hatke : Kingship in Pre-Aksumite Ethiopia from the Perspective of Ethio-Sabaic Inscriptions
12:25 Ronald Ruzicka : KALAM reloaded
12:50 Ali Jarkhi : Mercurial Amalgamation : Innovation in Gold Extraction in Late Antique Arabia

13:15-14:00 Lunch

Session 2 : Early Islamic Arabia

Chair :
14.00 Freestone, et al. : Analytical Investigation of Early Islamic Glass from Sir Bani Yas (United Arab Emirates)
14:25 Orhan Elmaz : The Material and Spiritual World of Early-Islamic Hijaz as Reflected in the Hadith
14:50 Werner Daum : The Great Mosque of Ṣan‘ā’ and its predecessors : 2000 years of religious tradition
15:15–15:45 Tea / coffee (Clore Centre Foyer)

Session 3 : Arabian languages

Chair :
15.45 Janet Watson : Ssshhh ! A new analysis of the Śḥer t s š contrast
16:10 Munira Al-Azraqi : Delateralization and language contact in Arabic and Mehri
16:35 Alex Bellem & Rex Smith : A Linguistic Analysis of Two Literary Mixed Arabic Texts from Late 19th-/Early 20th-Century Yemen

17:00 END

Nakhal Fort Oman CC-BY : Dr. Colleen Morgan
Nakhal Fort Oman CC-BY : Dr. Colleen Morgan

Special Session

To celebrate the completion of Phase 2 of the Online Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient North Arabia in March 2017, the next Seminar for Arabian Studies will include a Special Session on "Languages, scripts and their uses in ancient North Arabia". Ancient Arabia had its own branch of the alphabet and almost certainly a greater proportion of its population could read and write than in any other part of the ancient world. This Special Session will explore the many different uses the inhabitants of ancient Arabia made of their literacy, the development of the various scripts which they employed, and what we can reconstruct of the languages they spoke.

Booking and Accommodation

You can book to attend the 2017 Seminar by completing this short online form.

The conference fee for the three days is £100 or £40 for individual days ; the fee for Friends of the British Museum and members of the BFSA is £75 or £30 per day ; and students is £50 or £20 per day. Methods of payment are also shown on the form. If you need a visa letter or a letter of invitation please register as early as possible.

A list of suggestions for accommodation is available here : Accommodation suggestions


Invitations to attend the Seminar and/or to give a paper can be issued on request to enable participants to obtain leave from their academic institutions and/or to obtain visas.


For more information about the Seminar for Arabian Studies please contact the Seminar Secretary, Daniel Eddisford at seminar.arab@thebfsa.org

More information on the Seminar for Arabian Studies came be found at :

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