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Panel : On the ’Bead Road’. Studying materials and techniques for the jeweler’s craft in the Western Indian Ocean Basin

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Panel : On the 'Bead Road'. Studying materials and techniques for the jeweler's craft in the Western Indian Ocean Basin

The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw is organizing the next Red Sea Conference : Red Sea VIII : Coveted Treasure. It will be held in Warsaw on 4–9 July 2017.

There is a special panel devoted to jewelry and beads :

On the ’Bead Road’... Studying materials and techniques for the jeweler’s craft in the Western Indian Ocean Basin

Long disregarded and overlooked in research, personal adornments are an important aspect of material culture which can contribute significantly to studies of economic, social and even political issues. The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of ancient jewelry from various periods, beads in particular, circulating in the Red Sea and around the Arabian Peninsula to East Africa and India. In line with the main theme of the conference, we will focus on raw materials and technologies for the production of beads and other personal adornments, their origins and distribution. By highlighting diverse aspects connected with raw material extraction and technologies for making adornments, we intend to bring out the wider chronological and geographical context of the overseas trade in the products themselves, as well as the background commerce in supply materials essential for the pursuance of the craft.

All conference details are given in the links :.


The international archaeological conference on the peoples of the Red Sea region and their environment is held bi-annually and was previously hosted by the British Museum, University of Southampton, University of Exeter (UK), University of Tabuk (KSA) and University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy).