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Conférence : "Without Glory but without Disaster" learning the lessons of British withdrawal from South Arabia on 30 November 1967.

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Conférence : "Without Glory but without Disaster" learning the lessons of British withdrawal from South Arabia on 30 November 1967.
4 décembre 2017, Londres. Royal United Services Institute

The British-Yemeni Society is supporting a conference to be held at the Royal United Services Institute located in Whitehall on 4 December 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of the withdrawal of the British from Aden and South Arabia on 30 November 1967. The programme is given below. The conference is looking at the tumultuous events of the 1960s from the British point of view. The speakers are both academics researching the period and some of the British officials participating in the events either in London or South Arabia and include several B-YS members. The two last sessions will look at how the British applied lessons learned in South Arabia to Oman and the UAE a few years later and at the impact on South Yemen today.

The conference is being structured to allow plenty of participation from the audience and both RUSI and the B-YS hope that both British and Yemenis who were witnesses or participants or affected by the events will contribute to the discussion from the floor.

There is no charge for the event. Lunch will be provided and the MBI al Jaber Foundation is sponsoring a reception at the end of the conference.

To register for the conference and obtain further details please register via RUSI’s website : https://rusi.org/event/without-glory-without-disaster-50-years-after-british-withdrawal-aden
If you have any difficulties in registering please let Noel Brehony know that you wish to attend at noelmeb@aol.com.

RUSI Conference on 4 December 2017 - draft programme
"Without Glory but without Disaster" learning the lessons of British withdrawal from South Arabia on 30 November 1967.

09.00. Welcome
09.10 Key note address. The historical and regional context of British involvement in Aden and South Arabia.

Professor Clive Jones Chair in Regional Security, School of Government and International Affairs University of Durham.

09.45 - 1045. The Policy challenges
The view of Aden/South Arabia from London post-Suez dealing with decolonisation, changing defence priorities (leading to the transfer of UK Middle East Command to Aden in 1958) and economic difficulties. Impact of the change of government following the 1964 elections.
The changing Adeni, South Arabian, Yemeni and regional environment. The overthrow of the Imam in Yemen leading to Egyptian intervention and civil war.
Chair Clive Jones
Oliver Miles (formerly with the FCO and served in Aden in1966-7)
Dr Dennis Sammut, OBE, Oxford University.
Joseph Higgins, Southampton University.

10.45-11.00 Coffee

11.00 - 12.30. The Political Response.
Managing political transition - the South Arabian Federation, Aden and the East Aden Protectorate.
Managing the South Arabian, Yemeni and Egyptian response : FLOSY and the NLF.
Chair Oliver Miles
Dr Andrew Mumford, Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nottingham.
Godfrey Meynell - former South Arabian Political Officer in the West Aden Protectorate
John Ducker - former South Arabian Political Officer in Hadhramaut.

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.45. Security and military response : the protectorates as Aden’s shield or Achilles Heel
British security policy : dealing with rebellion, insurgency and terrorism.
The role of the South Arabian Armed Forces.
Managing departure : the final months, negotiations and withdrawal.
Chair : tbc
Dr Rory Cormac, Associate Professor of International Relations, School of Politics and International Relations, the University of Nottingham.
Dr Huw Bennett, Reader in International Relations, Department of Politics and International Relations, School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University.
Jonathan Walker, Military Historian and author of Aden Insurgency.

14.45-16.15. The Impact on Oman and the UAE.
Countering insurgency in Yemen before 1967 and Oman post 1967 : parallels and differences.
Managing departure from South Arabia and the Gulf : why did the UAE succeed and South Arabia fail ?
Chair Dr Dennis Sammut OBE
Dr James Worrall. Associate Professor in International Relations & Middle East Studies,
School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds, on Oman.
Professor Simon C Smith, Department of History University of Hull, on the UAE.

16.15-16.30 Tea

16.30-17.45. Legacy and lessons. Aden and the South in 2017.
Chair Helen Lackner, London Middle East Institute at SOAS.
Thanos Petouris, Independent researcher.
Dr Noel Brehony CMG, Author Yemen Divided.

17.45. Reception

Voir en ligne : https://rusi.org/event/without-glor...