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Arabian Humanities

by Administrateur - published on

Arabian Humanities succeeded the Yemenite Chronicles in 2013. This multilingual (French, English, Arabic) peer-reviewed journal only exists online (http://cy.revues.org/2008) with the support of the CNRS. With a strong international focus, and open to every country of the Arabian Peninsula, Arabian Humanities covers twice a year each human science, from prehistory to modern societies.


N° 8/2017 The Horse in the Arabic Peninsula

N° 7/2016 Transnationalizing the Arabian Peninsula. Local, regional and global dynamics

N° 6/2016 Circulations in the Arabian Peninsula during World War I

N° 5/2015 Vernacular poetry in the Arabian Peninsula today

N° 4/2014 The Arab Spring in the Arabian Peninsula

N° 3/2014 Varia

N° 2/2013 Cities and Urban Dynamics in the Arabian Peninsula

N° 1/2013 Gender Transformations in the Arabian Peninsula