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French Embassy in Riyadh - Research Mobility Program

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French Embassy in Riyadh - Research Mobility Program

Deadline for sending the application form: June 15, 2021

The French Embassy in Riyadh’s Research Mobility program aims at supporting collaboration and exchanges between the French and the Saudi Research ecosystems, through financing mobility of young or senior Saudi researchers in France. Its objective is to pave the ground for joint scientific cooperation between the two countries. After the 2020 first edition financing three months programs in France for Saudi researchers from KSU, UQU and Taibah University, the French Embassy opens the second edition of this program.

Requirements for the beneficiary:
1. be a Saudi citizen;
2. be, at least, a master degree graduate;
3. work in a Saudi university/research institution;
4. conduct research activities;
5. obtain full support of its institution to take part in the research mobility program;
6. plan to go to a French host institution for conducting joint research activities.
Any field can be submitted in 2021, including social sciences and humanities.

Expenses covered by the French Embassy:
-  Stay in France for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months, with a minimum of 1700 euros per month;
-  Round trip to France from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
-  Schengen visa with a specific mention for “talented researcher” (the procedure will be taken in charge by the Embassy) ;
-  Medical and travel insurance.

Selection criteria:
-  Scientific interest and relevance of the project;
-  Academic and research background of the research candidate;
-  Support of two research supervisors: one in the host institution in France, one in the institution the candidate belongs to in KSA;
-  Relevance of the research project with regard to the priorities of the host institution and the priorities of Saudi-French scientific cooperation;
-  English proficiency;
-  French language would be a plus but is not a prerequisite for this research program.

Application and selection process:
1. Up until June 15, 2021: Filling and sending the application form with the required documents to the Cooperation Attaché of the French Embassy - hadrien.rozier@diplomatie.gouv.fr
2. Summer: Assessment of the applications by the French Embassy in Riyadh;
3. August: Publication of the results and launching of procedures;
4. From September 2021 on: Beginning of the mobility programs.