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CEFREPA Lectures
The Hajj during the Colonial Era

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Dr. Luc Chantre is Professor of History and Senior Lecturer at the University of
Rennes 2, as well as an associate researcher at the French Research Centre of the
Arabian Peninsula (CEFREPA). His latest publication is Le Pèlerinage à La
Mecque à l’époque coloniale (v 1940-1866).

Tuesday, 15 June 2021 18:00, (GMT+3:00) Kuwait
This lecture will be held in English via Zoom

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the pilgrimage to Mecca (ḥajj)
aroused growing interest from the European empires which, over the course of
their conquests, extended their in-uence over most of the Muslim world.
French, English, Russians, Dutch or Italians experiment then di-erent
modalities of supervision of their Muslim pilgrims’ journeys towards the holy
cities of Hijaz. Is it advisable to organize the pilgrims’ journey, like the caravans
of the pilgrimage criss-crossing the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, or is it on
the contrary to leave these same pilgrims free of their movements ? -rough
rivalries and competition, the colonial ḥajj seems to have thus become, until the
independence of these countries, a powerful factor of legitimation and
implementation of the imperial project.

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