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CEFREPA Lectures : The Ka’ba of Najran and the Holy Church in Historical Context

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A confusion is shrouding the Ka’ba of Najran : was it a church or not ? This presentation will first pay a critical discussion on the historiographical literary written about the Ka ’ba of Najran among Muslim sources and modern research. We will examine epigraphic texts on the term "Ka’ba" as a house of pre-Islamic god. The presentation will then debate the holy and central church of Najranite Christians in the light of Muslim and Christian sources to understand its link to the Ka’ba.

Dr. ’Awad b. Nahee al-’Asiri is Assistant Professor at Najran University and a specialist of Early Islamic History with an emphasis on minorities in Islam and Muslim-Christian relations.

Pr. Dr. Mounir Arbach is an epigraphist and a historian, and Senior Researcher at the French Center for Research in the Arabian Peninsula. He is the head of several archaelogical missions in Southern Arabia (incl. Hima and Fardat al-Faw).

To register : https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SNbXJ56sRa2gie_jgCibFg